Kindness Actions

Kindness In Action

SevenDays® provides a booming voice of kindness. We practice kindness, interfaith appreciation and personal healing throughout our experiences. We strive to reach people near and far who could either receive or give kindness. Making kindness a continuous, daily habit, we know our world will be better, ripple by ripple. Stopping hate crimes is our vision.

It is vital to the SevenDays® mission that we are both inspiring our community to practice kindness in their lives, and that our organization is facilitating kindness on a grander scale. Both types of kind actions are integral to making ripples and changing the world.

How You Can Help

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Your Donations Help Us Cultivate Kindness

The SevenDays® team occasionally identifies an opportunity to spread some much-needed kindness. When someone has been a target of hate, we must let them know that darkness can be overcome with light. Kindness and love drive out hate.

An example of an act of kindness performed through this designated fund is a Kindness Basket filled with SevenDays® t-shirts, kindness socks, and a note from us representing each of you who assist with the funds for this gift. The more donations we receive, the bigger our garden grows and the more ripples of kindness we can spread throughout the community.