Kindness Basket, UCC church

Kindness Basket Delivered to church who experienced vandalism

Thank you for helping us Cultivate Kindness and perform a kind action for the Kansas City United Church of Christ in Brookside.

Church vandalism across their multi-colored doors in their front lawn.

Making a Ripple of Kindness

SevenDays® extended an act of kindness to the church community through our Cultivate Kindness program by delivering a Kindness Basket. Thank you to everyone for helping us Cultivate Kindness and perform a kind action for the church.

Learn more about their story below.

The Kansas City Star and others reported about vandalism that occurred at the Kansas City United Church of Christ where a set of rainbow doors built to celebrate Pride Month were painted with the words “pervs” and “repentance.”

Mayor Quinton Lucas was reported as saying this act, “has no place in Kansas City.”

The church, located in Brookside, has always been an accepting community and will always stand up for the rights of others. The community responded quickly by repainting the doors and restoring them to their original form.

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How Cultivate Kindness Works

Any time the SevenDays® team identifies an opportunity to spread some much-needed kindness—when someone has been a target of hate—we must let them know that darkness can be overcome with light. Kindness and love drive out hate.

An example of an act of kindness performed through this designated fund is a Kindness Basket filled with SevenDays® t-shirts, kindness socks, and a note from us representing each of you who assist with the funds for this gift.

Together, we will make a ripple and change the world!