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KMBC9 News. January 17, 2023.
Leads being pursued after racist, antisemitic, and homophobic vandalism at Blue Valley High School.

The Kansas City Star, January 20, 2023.
This Blue Valley student says swastikas and hate speech are nothing new at her school.

Featuring Emma Sandler, KYLT member. 

PDF is courtesy of The Kansas City Star.

KSHB41, January 24, 2023.
Bishop Miege High School officials, police respond to social media threats involving students

The Kansas City Star, January 25, 2023.
Johnson County high school investigates racist ‘these cotton pickers’ threat.

PDF is courtesy of The Kansas City Star.

The Kansas City Star, January 26, 2023.
3 teens charged after Blue Valley school defaced with racist, antisemitic vandalism

PDF is courtesy of The Kansas City Star.

Blue Valley Post, January 26, 2023.
Blue Valley student wants more to be done after racist, antisemitic vandalism

BOD Statement for Blue Valley High School
SevenDays® is greatly distressed by a reported case of vandalism, which included antisemitic words, at Blue Valley High School in Overland Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

BOD Statement for Bisho Miege. January 24, 2023
SevenDays® is about teaching kindness—and with the events of the last several days in our community—we clearly have a lot of work left to do.

2023 Ripple of Kindness Honoree: Lisa Ginter, Community/America CEO.
Read the press release.

KC Spotlight, March 29, 2023.
Teach kindness with SevenDays. The nonprofit SevenDays has a mission of countering hate by promoting kindness through education and dialogue.

KCTV5, April 4, 2023.
Celebrating kindness with SevenDays, Mindy joins the show to share what the organization is doing to encourage kindness and how you can get involved

The Kansas City Star, April 5, 2023.
LS teen’s tireless work with this nonprofit earned her SevenDays kindness scholarship.

Link to Yahoo article.

The Kansas City Star, April 7, 2023.
Fighting hatred with kindness. Breakfast spotlighting altruism opens SevenDays events.

The Kansas City Star Opinion | Bill Tammeus, April 9, 2023.
Many faiths flourish in Kansas City. We must all come together to fight hatred.

Fox4 News, April 11, 2023.
Jazzercise workout benefitting SevenDays®

Watch video.

Fox4 News, April 13, 2023.
Johnson County teenagers take SevenDays Kindness Walk.

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KSHB41, April 13, 2023.
SevenDays hosts kindness walk at 2 Blue Valley high schools.

Jewish Chronicle, April 14, 2023.
SevenDays Jewish leaders spread positive change.

Fox4 News, April 20, 2023.
Johnson County students promote kindness, support Ralph Yarl.

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Jewish Chronicle, January 27, 2022. 
SevenDays Announces Kindness Scholarship

Jewish Chronicle, February 10, 2022. 
SevenDays 2022 focuses on countering hate with kindness

KSHB41, February 21, 2022. 
Teens with SevenDays volunteer at Wayside Waifs to spread kindness across KC

Fox4 News, April 7, 2022. 
Nonprofit Spotlight: SevenDays kicks off

KMBC9 News. April 11, 2022. 
SevenDays kindness event begins in Kansas City

Jewish Chronicle, April 13, 2022. 
Jewish community members involved with SevenDays 2022

Fox4 News, April 13, 2022. 
Dayton Moore honored with 2022 Ripple of Kindness Award

Fox4 News, April 14, 2022. 
SevenDays of Kindness events expand into KCK

KMBC9 News, April 21, 2022. 
Blue Valley students take part in mini walk as part of SevenDays event

KMBC9 News, April 22, 2022. 
Blue Valley teen takes over food drive to honor cousin killed in Jewish center shootings

KMBC9 News, April 24, 2022. 
SevenDays Kindness Walk returns to share message of kindness to others

KSHB41, April 24, 2022. 
‘Conversations that heal wounds rather than cause division’; SevenDays hosts annual kindness walk

KCTV5, April 25, 2022. 
‘Encourage and support others’: SevenDays wraps up with Kindness Walk

Fox4 News, April 25, 2022. 
Hundreds walk for SevenDays to spread kindness

KCTV5, July 11, 2022. 
Local security expert weights in following uptick in church vandalisms

INKansasCity, July 1, 2021. 
Mindy Corporon Made Life-altering Professional Pivot After the Death of Her Father and Her Son

Banking in KC, August 25, 2021. 
Mindy Corporon joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss how a movement to promote a better world through kindness was created