For Students

SevenDays® Value: Youth Development

We recognize that people are not born with hate.

By educating our youth, we are setting the stage for increased consciousness, civil engagement, and interaction among people of different backgrounds.

Our youth will take us ONWARD to a more peaceful world.

It is through the lens of this value that we seek to not only engage with the youth in our community, but provide them with opportunities to personally and academically grow. Our hope is to spur more thoughtful, proactive kindness development among all of our young people.

Here are the opportunities currently available, in addition to everything else on our Get Involved page.

Your artwork can make a ripple that changes the world! Each year we invite all high school students in the Kansas City metro area to submit their designs for our eight buttons. Each winner receives a $500 award.

Artwork due December 15, 2023!

We challenge you to be a force for good. We are looking for high school seniors who will take one or more of our seven themes and apply them to a lasting project that will start a ripple to change the world. Each winner receives a $1,000 scholarship!

Scholarship due January 12, 2024!

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, our resources will help you bring SevenDays® to your school. Our lesson plans are the perfect way to bring the SevenDays® themes into any classroom. We also have example school announcements for schools to use during their own SevenDays® celebration.

KYLT is a group of high school students from across the Kansas City area who are interested in making our world a better place. Our members are paired with adult mentors who help us execute a large piece of the SevenDays® experience.

Applications for KYLT are closed for this year. Applications for 2024/2025 will open in fall 2024.