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SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World

What is SevenDays®?

The SevenDays® experience provides opportunities encouraging all people to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset and behavior. In April 2014, after a white supremacist murdered three Kansas City people because of his hate for Jews, two families and our community joined hands and hearts to shine a light on the darkness of hate.


SevenDays® overcomes hate by promoting kindness and understanding through education and dialogue. 


Make a Ripple to Change the World by Connecting Communities.


Youth Development

We recognize that people are not born with hate. By educating our youth, we are setting the stage for increased consciousness, civil engagement, and interaction among people of different backgrounds. Our youth will take us ONWARD to a more peaceful world.

Community Connections

We seek to CONNECT people and their communities through kindness, understanding, and love, thus creating a ripple effect.


We strive to remain curious by encouraging people to GO forward in understanding themselves, OTHERS, and the world by continuous learning and personal growth at every age and at every life stage. Lifelong learning.

Interfaith Dialogue & Cooperation

We encourage all people (YOU) to come together with their faith, values, and spirituality to cultivate a more religiously pluralistic community that fosters education, thereby creating a more peaceful and culturally competent society.

Health & Wellness

We encourage people to care and LOVE themselves in mind, body, and spirit, understanding that by attending to their own needs they will be better equipped to also care for the broader community.

Why SevenDays®?

We are not born to hate. Hate is taught. While we are born to love and be loved… kindness can also be taught. We teach kindness. By focusing on kindness through a variety of themes over multiple days we are more apt to form a habit of kindness.

Our themed days – LOVE, DISCOVER, OTHERS, CONNECT, YOU, GO and ONWARD – each allow for community to engage, learn, adjust mindset and to act.

SevenDays® provides a booming voice of kindness. We practice kindness, interfaith appreciation and personal healing throughout our experiences. We strive to reach people near and far who could either receive or give kindness. Making kindness a continuous, daily habit, we know our world will be better, ripple by ripple. Stopping hate crimes is our vision.

How you can be part of SevenDays®

When you participate in SevenDays® you learn something new, meet someone you didn’t know before and find yourself more willing to offer kindness to those with whom you typically would not associate. A person you once considered an “other” is sure to become a friend.

Be the ripple of kindness someone needs. SevenDays® can help you find the knowledge you need to do so and the courage to take the next step. You will make a difference with personal participation at our events. You’ll find information about our upcoming events here.

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