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SevenDays® overcomes hate by promoting kindness and understanding
through education and dialogue.

Youth Engagement

Scholarship winners 2024

Kindness Action Scholarship

We award up to ten scholarships of $1,000 each to graduating high school seniors who plan & implement a lasting kindness project.

Button Art Contest

Inviting all high school students to create imagery for all eight of our theme buttons. Each winner will receive $500!

Kindness Youth Leadership Team

High school students who are interested in making the world a better place – we want YOU!

Bring SevenDays® to Your School

Make a ripple and change the world by implementing our themes and events at school.

Make a Ripple, Change the World

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Hate crimes have a global presence and have changed the way we see the world. We want to stop hate crimes and to do this we must eliminate fear. Fear is eliminated with education, respect, and understanding. 

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Kindness Ambassadors

SevenDays® Kindness Ambassadors help throughout the year
with a variety of short term and one-off projects.


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