UPDATE: Kindness Basket Delivered to 5-Year-Old with Rare Syndrome

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Cultivate Kindness campaign – we are happy to report we have delivered a Kindness Basket to Jackie and her family!

Recently, a friend of SevenDays® reached out to us in the hope that we could help spread some kindness toward a lovely, local family who was targeted with hateful words on Instagram.

Now we need your help to make it happen. As part of our Cultivate Kindness initiative, SevenDays® would like to deliver a Kindness Basket to the Freeman family. Learn more about their story below, and kindly consider a donation to make this kind action a reality.

Jackie Freeman was born with CHARGE Syndrome. It is an acronym for a variety of issues and it manifests differently in each person. For Jackie it was multiple holes in her heart, clefting of her optic nerves resulting in legal blindness, no vestibular system, she is profoundly deaf, she has a cleft lip and cleft palate, she required a feeding tube, and had hip dysplasia.  When she was born, doctors told the family Jackie would not see, hear, speak, eat on her own, or walk.  They did not know what cognitive abilities she would have.

Jackie (named after Jackie Robinson) is five years old now. According to her great aunt, “Jackie has a cochlear implant that helps her hear; she has some vision; she runs around like a maniac; and, she is a jabberbox and a foodie. She also is smart as a whip. We truly are so blessed.”

Jackie’s mother, Kim, posts often about Jackie and CHARGE Syndrome on her Instagram account: @ourjourneyforjackie. On January 12th, in response to a sweet video of Jackie leaving an appointment at Children’s Mercy Hospital, someone posted a hateful and extremely offensive comment.

As Kim put it: “Warning ⚠️ foul language and HATE.”

When we heard Jackie and Kim’s story and saw the awful words targeted at such a bright, extraordinary little girl, we knew we had to take action. Help us show Jackie and Kim that kindness will prevail over hatred. Donate to Cultivate Kindness >

How Cultivate Kindness Works:

  • Donate: SevenDays® and the Faith Always Wins Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, are accepting donations to our Cultivate Kindness campaign.
  • The funds donated are turned around by our organization to perform an act of kindness.
  • An example of an act of kindness performed through this designated fund is a Kindness Basket filled with SevenDays® t-shirts, kindness socks, and a note from us representing each of you who assist with the funds for this gift.
  • The more donations we receive, the bigger our garden grows and the more ripples of kindness we can spread throughout the community.

Any time the SevenDays® team identifies an opportunity to spread some much-needed kindness – when someone has been a target of hate – we must let them know that darkness can be overcome with light. Kindness and love drive out hate.

As simply and profoundly as Martin Luther King, Jr. stated “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Together, we will make a ripple and change the world!